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tvtranscripts's Journal

TV Transcripts
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All Members , Moderated
Transcripts from various TV shows
A source for television transcripts you won't find anywhere else.

All members are free to post transcripts, but they'll go into the moderation queue. They'll have no problem appearing in the community if you follow the following rules:

1. Transcripts should NOT be directly copied and pasted from elsewhere on the Internet. Feel free to use captions and other sources to help determine dialogue, but always try to edit them to be as close to the aired episode as possible. (Transcripts on other sites may be linked to in a post.)

2. Transcripts (including those linked to) should include a mix of spoken dialogue (including the names of characters speaking), scene breaks, pertinent action, and location as appropriate.

3. Transcripts should have a header including the following information: Series name, episode number and title, and original episode airing date if you can find it (check IMDB if you're not sure). The body of the transcript should be posted under a cut.

4. Transcripts should roughly follow the format in other transcripts posted to the community, but it isn't necessary as long as you follow rules 2 and 3.

5. Don't forget to check your spelling and grammar before posting a transcript, but feel free to post transcripts in any language.

Feel free to correct any errors you find in the comments of each particular transcript.

Posts requesting transcripts will not be published. When this community gets more members a post where members can leave requests in the comments will be created periodically.

I hope this will be a place where people can share in their love of television.